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The Garden

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This is the garden my mother made.

She was a botanist who had worked in several botanic gardens, and created many gardens of her own. A lifetime of gardening, botanising, and travelling led her eventually to the idea of a garden that showed, not plant collections, but models of natural vegetation patterns.

And after my father died, and she was 73 years old, she designed and created the garden to go with that concept. It was her final garden, and I think it’s a masterpiece. I’m very biased, of course – but I’m hoping that when you have browsed the pages under this menu heading, you will agree.

Mummy Garden Web

Ursula McHardy in her garden

The concept behind this garden – more about this on the various pages – is, I think, both an unusual approach, and a stroke of genius. It’s so simple, and the effect it creates is so very beautiful. I am doing my best to keep it going, but I do not have her knowledge or expertise, and sooner or later, I will no longer be able to in any case – we all get older!

So I very much hope that visitors will take it, adapt it, use it, and incorporate it into their own gardens. That is the way the garden will survive beyond its creator.

Anyone who wishes to visit the garden in person is welcome to do so. Contact me by phone or email, and we’ll take it from there!


  1. Ruth Thompson

    Dear Lorna Mchardy, We heard about your ‘secret’ garden from a local lady.
    We have been living in the area for over 40 years and never knew of its existence. I love gardens and gardening and would very much like to look around your mothers creation. Please let me know if/when this is possible.
    Kind regards
    Ruth Thompson

    Thank you for your message… I’ve sent you an email :0)

  2. Gemma & Tony (Norfolk)

    Thank you so much for a wonderful stay. We are flabbergasted that you find the time to maintain such a garden and still get to go out and about with your camera, the garden looks like a full time job (along with the menagerie). Breakfast was lovely and you made us feel so vey welcome, even your four-legged furry friends followed us around making sure we behaved ourselves and came to no harm. The weather was kind and your recommendations to visit the Camera Obscura in Edinburgh was spot on. We will definitely be recommending this to our friends and hopefully they will return home as inspired as we did.

  3. Lorna McHardy

    Thank you so much for that feedback, Gemma and Tony. It was lovely having you :0)

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