The Gardener's Cottage

Welcome, visitor, to explore the B&B and garden.


Ok, it’s time I started doing something with this page. I shall add more pages :0)
And yes, I shall also start adding photos over the rest of December!

Hope everyone enjoys them when I do.
If you’re interested in prints of any of my photos, please contact me… details under ‘Contact’ on the main Gardener’s Cottage menu.


  1. Tony

    I love it Lorna! I just read the whole site and look through the pictures. It’s beautiful, simple, well written, and I love how it makes me think of our visit there, and fond memories also of your mother! I’m so glad that you were a part of her masterpiece, and that you are continuing the work.

  2. Bob Baird

    This is turning out to be an excellent website, with superb photographs.
    I’ve seen the garden in all seasons now, but only over the last couple of years.
    It’s great to see the start of the creation of the garden, and the progress over the years to what we see today!
    It’s a lovely peaceful place to visit and enjoy.

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