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Month: May 2016

Almost There…


My Wildlife in the Garden open day is approaching fast… Sunday will be here before I know it.

Just as well I had some help over the past week or two! It’s now looking pretty good, and if the weather holds, the day should be a good one. Just the baking and some finishing touches left to do now.

Very Big Flower

P rockiiDSC_9948

It’s the size of a dinner plate and it’s usually (I do change my mind a lot) my favourite peony in the garden. It’s a tree peony, and it opened three days ago. Just thought I’d share… and even if it’s not still blooming on the 5th of June, some of the others might well be!

Lorna’s Wildlife in the Garden Day


Send me good weather, and it should be a grand day!

Scotland’s Gardens scheme as you can see; and in addition, there will be The Forth Hedgehog Hospital to talk to… and also the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Butterfly Conservation, Buglife, and the British Trust for Ornithology.

All that and cake too! And all for charity. Just send me good weather…

Right. Better get on with the weeding, then.


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