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Month: April 2016

Bath Time!

robin birdbathDSC_8283

The weather’s been fantastic, and I’ve been weeding and weeding and weeding, trying to get ready for the charity opening on the 5th June.

This robin obviously has me tagged as the Unearther of Victuals… he’s been following me around everywhere for the past three days, and I’ll swear he lies in wait! So today, he decided to give me some photo opportunities in return for the goodies :0)

At Last!

Magnolia stellataDSC_8019

I’m getting round to posting something again, I mean.

Good grief, it’s been months!! I’ve been busy. On the 5th of June, I’m having a charity open garden day, and it’s taking a lot of organizing. Five wildlife conservation charities will be coming, all about hedgehogs and bees and butterflies and stuff like that; and also – I hope – hundreds of gardeners (I can but hope) to talk to them, and get enthusiastic about beetles, and then go home, and bin the insecticides. Because a fat lot of gardening any of us will be doing when the pollinators die out…

Meanwhile, how’s that for a magnolia in full bloom :0)

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