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Month: September 2015


28.9.2015 Lunar Eclipse

I know… there are going to be thousands of photos of this all over the net today, many much better than mine.

But… well… I’m sharing it anyway, because it was strange, and wonderful.

Not quite as I expected… the moon was much smaller than I thought it would be, and so high in the sky there was no chance of photos with anything in the foreground.
Also, the red is not very apparent to the naked eye… the camera shows you far more than you see.

But it was worth seeing. It was… weird. I can understand why people through the ages have linked this with disaster and end of the world predictions… it’s… dark. Very difficult to convey in words, and similar to the solar eclipse – but darker in more ways than one.

I was outside my house, where usually at night, it’s quiet only in the sense that there is little human noise other than what comes over from Grangemouth…. it is quiet, not silent.
As the moon eclipsed, it became eerily so. The owls fell silent, as did the chuntering waterfowl on the Firth of Forth. Even Grangemouth made no noise. Only my cats seemed unaffected and continued to mooch around chasing dead leaves.

Until, that is, the hitherto glass-calm Forth suddenly produced a massive, slow, rolling swell towards the shore. The tide was already high, and then these huge, slow waves appeared, apparently out of nowhere. Huge. And very very slow.
You became gradually aware of them through the increasing sound – the only sound anywhere – as they met the shore. Not dramatically in a show of raw power, as you would see during a spring or autumn tide crashing in with a strong wind behind it… but slowly, slowly, slowly… that actually scared me.

The rational part of me kept me outside watching (“don’t be so bloody stupid, that’s what the moon does to water”), but it had to speak quite firmly. My gut wanted to run.
And the cats stopped chasing leaves and sat, watching, adding to the silence.

Then the whole thing just stopped as suddenly as it had begun, and I watched for another half hour or so until just before the un-eclipsing started, and I realized I was freezing cold and needed to wear something warmer than a down jacket, like a bed with a feather duvet and several blankets on top.

Golden Autumn

7.9.2015 Late Mating

Well, I hope it will be, to make up for the wash-out that was July this year… it certainly was yesterday, warm and sunny and altogether wonderful. And is it just me, or does that dragonfly on the right have an altogether Alice-in-Wonderlandish sort of smile on its face??


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