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Month: August 2015

Meet Jay

Hedgehog  One of the great things about having a garden like this is that you can also have lots of hedgehogs. Did you know they’re endangered in the UK? According to some estimates, we may have none left by 2020; they’re declining at a scary rate. I don’t know about you, but I cannot imagine the UK without hedgehogs.

This one is the only survivor of a litter the mother rejected, so he was hand-reared in the Forth Wildlife Hospital – wonderful place; Nadia, who runs it, does a fantastic job.

So yesterday, he arrived in my garden, where he’ll spend a few weeks in a safe run, so he can learn to sleep during the day and feed at night and not depend on humans. Then out he goes, to do whatever hedgehogs do when they can go where ever they like :0))

If you have a garden of any reasonable size, which is safe and offers the things hedgehogs need, do get in touch with a local hedgehog hospital and see whether they’re looking for release sites. These cute little mammals need all the help they can get.


sunriseDSC_8476  This beautiful sunrise viewed from outside the cottage across the Firth of Forth was yesterday, when I had my first B&B guests. They were lovely, and I enjoyed myself :0)

That’s what I call a good start!

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